Toad/Terrestrial Frog

Diet: Feed mostly crickets, mealworms, and waxworms.

  • Be sure that crickets are the base for the diet. Keep the crickets in a separate cage and feed them cricket food, kale, collards, fresh water, etc before feeding them to the frog.
  • Always remove any uneaten crickets from the cage ½ hour after feeding and put them back in their own cage.
  • Dust crickets with calcium powder every to every other feeding (feed frogs daily 1-5 crickets depending on size).
  • Dust crickets with multi vitamin powder (with Vitamin A in it) once a week to every other week.
  • Remember fat frogs have a lot of health problems.
  • Give a large bowl or pan of fresh spring water daily – toxins build up in filters.

Caging: Keep in an appropriately sized tank with paper towels or indoor/outdoor carpet in the bottom.

  • If you want a natural tank, use plain topsoil for the plants (no perlite) and change the dirt about every 3-6 mos.
  • Mist cage daily, and if there is soil in the cage, keep it moist.

Lights: Get a fluorescent UVB 5.0 or higher bulb and also place over the tank. Change it every 6 months even if it is still working. (Write the date that you first start using it on the bulb itself).