Specialty/Advanced Procedures



Advanced Surgical Procedures: Orthopedics, Adrenalectomy, Lump Removal, Alters/Spays (Reptiles, Mammals, Birds), Egg Implosion, Gastropexy, etc. The narrow scope yet wide variety of species included in Exotic Animal Veterinary medicine require that exotic animal veterinarians be capable of performing many specialized procedures that would otherwise be referred to an outside specialist.

Critical Care: Advanced Catheter Placement (cephalic, jugular, intraoseous) for fluid and medical therapy, Feeding Tube Placement, Endoscopic Intubation, Air Sac Cannula Placement, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Blood Draw, Centesis, etc.

Anesthetic Deslorelin/Microchip Placement: Deslorelin/Microchip applicators are equipped with a very large bore needle that requires the use of general anesthesia for placement.

House Calls/Health Certificates: Whether you have a large collection, need to maintain quarantine for international travel, or otherwise unable to come to the clinic, SEAVS comes to you. The house call fee includes grooming and any other procedure aside from diagnostics.