Radio Surgery


“A radiofrequency electrode tip becomes energized by the radiowaves but does not become overly hot.  The high frequency radiowaves provide specific and delicate tissue interaction.  This results in a focused and coagulating effect, which disintegrates and volatilizes single cells minimizing the amount of tissue destruction.  Healing is rapid and pain is minimized with reduced tissue damage.”

Radiowave Technology – Beyond the Laser

Offer distinct benefits to your pet:

  • Decreased Post-Operative Pain
    Less destruction is done to the tissue
  • Less Blood Loss
    The radiowaves close off blood vessels as they cut
  • Reduced Risk of Infection
    Radiowaves vaporize bacteria, preventing infectious agents from being seeded along the length of the incision
  • Quicker Recovery
    With less tissue destruction, healing is hastened and your pet will recover more quickly
  • Safer than Laser Surgery
    There are minimal safety hazards involved with radiowave technology
  • No Burning or Charring of the Tissue
    Radiosurgery does not burn the tissue unlike laser or electrosurgery